Well, I’m a little behind…

It seemed impossible this year to actually sit down at the computer and write. So much to catch up on, but at least this is a start.

Two teams of Ontario Rangers, one from Ontario Parks and one from the Kenora District Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests were here helping me in the past week. It is because of their help, I actually can sit down without feeling guilty that I should be ‘out there’ fixing or feeding something.

Once again, I am so impressed by these young folks. They worked so hard for me in some of the not-so-pleasant conditions, digging holes, moving pens, setting up a pen, hauling dirt, cleaning out a pen, painting and more. So thank you Sebastian and Paradise for offering up your crews this year. I think they will all go far in this world, as they are not afraid of work. And they were so fun to be with. Made me feel young again.

Missing John…darned wisdom teeth…
Old campaign signs are wonderful donations! The lightweight coroplast is great for my pens…but to not be blatantly political, I had the crew paint over the candidates names.
And I need graves from time to time…sniff, sniff


Didn’t take the little fox long to muss up all his nice new sand…


Dewy’s pen is getting a clean up…ready for next patient.

Sadly, the crews from Sioux Lookout had to cancel this year. No travel funds available at this time I believe. I would have had them helping to rebuild my flight cages which took a terrible hit this past winter. I doubt they will last another winter and then I have to rethink my role as a raptor rehabilitator. The pens are currently housing 5 eagles, 3 of which I hope to release soon. Once they are gone, I think I have to turn down all new eagle patients. As it was, I had to turn down several eagles this year as I was full up. And the dollars just aren’t there in my Charity Account to rebuild or build new flight cages. We are so desperately in need of new Wildlife Custodians in this area. The demand is much greater than I, and my foster rehabbers, can handle.

But enough of the waa waa waa… this is a good news story and I will leave it like that.

Next posts will bring you up to date on the critters in care …


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