Thanks again for all the help, Ontario Stewardship Youth Rangers!

This year was another great year for getting help around the premises. I was so lucky to have the Kenora crew for two separate days and two crews from Sioux Lookout for two days. And they did so much work!

The pen the foxes were in had been tunneled, dug out, and their potty corner needed to be removed and new soil put in for the next residents to come in. This meant lots and lots of sand, and since its not in an ATV accessible spot, it meant carrying buckets of sand down to the pen. These wonderful crews toted and hauled until the pen was completely refreshed. Then they did the same to the eagle pens too. This is work I can no longer physically do, but needs to be done for the health of the residents.


And they built, and disassembled, hauled loads to the dump for me, painted and so much more!

And they were such pleasant and cheerful young adults, it was fun and a pleasure for me to have them.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!



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