A busy summer…

Lots of critters brought in this year, some were successfully rehabbed or raised and released, some not so.

I was able to release a young groundhog last week that had been picked up by school kids at Evergreen school. It likely got separated from its mom and fell victim to curious hands. But it was not in a safe place, so a friend rescued it and brought it to me.

An amazing team of caring people arranged the capture and flight out of Sandy Lake for an adult bald eagle. It had been on the ground at the landfill and was obviously in distress. The airlines was able to fly it out, and Jen Derouin was able to drive it to me from Sioux Lookout. It had been severely injured with fishing line that had tangled in the wing and leg. The lacerations were deep and very badly infected and maggot infested. Antibiotics and deep cleaning did little to stop the infection, and despite everyone’s amazing help to try to save it, it was not to be.

A young sharp-tail hawk was brought to me by Stacey Skene from the OMNRF. It had been found in the yard of another OMNRF employee, unable to fly. It appeared to have a head injury as the eyes showed different dilation in the light. But today it flew up on a perch and was able to see the food I put out, and readily flew down to eat it. Already much stronger so I have high hopes for this one.

I have had more help this year from my foster helpers and that has been amazing! Thank you, Erika, Erin, Michelle and the rest of you angels out there!

Cause my hands are full now with this guy…



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