Better days, but wetter days…

Last blog I posted I was moaning over a tough month in the rehab world. Happy to announce July and (touch wood so far) August has been much kinder. A few successful releases can definitely brighten the world for me.

One young Broad-winged hawk that thought that the blind corner of a narrow dirt road was a great place to sit and wait for mom to bring food was returned to its territory. As Bart and I climbed out of the truck to look for its nest, mom was circling and crying. A day later I got a call from the landowner (who I used to work with) saying the fledgling and its sibling were both playing chicken (hawk) on the road. He offered to move them up into a nearby area away from the road with a suitable perch for them. Since I heard no more from Ted, I assumed all went well.


The red-tailed hawk from Sioux Lookout was successfully released and flew strong and with determination.


The kestrel still has issues and is not ready to be released. I am currently letting it strengthen its wings and will try again in a week or so.

A barred owl that was delivered from Fort Frances-Rainy River area with a swollen eye and sore wing was  held for two weeks and recovered quickly and released.


The young horned owl has been practicing its skills at hunting on the chipmunks, mice, snakes and frogs that dare to venture into its flight cage. I will be moving it tomorrow to a larger flight cage and hopefully releasing in a week or so.

fledgling great horned owl

The fledgling eagle was picked up by its original rescuers and delivered back to its nesting area. They have been supplementary feeding it. I suggested to hold off feeding so its feeding cries catch the attention of its parents who are still around the nest area.

fledgling bald eagle

Three young robins delivered from Sioux Lookout are released and hanging out around the house clicking and glucking when I get near, but are satisfied with meals of raspberries and grasshoppers they find on their own.


The young raven had to be taken away from here to a suitable release site as it was a kleptomaniac…It had no problems finding food for itself, and would fly off for several hours. But when it came back, it would steal something. I still have not found the retractable dog leash of my poor little nephew dog Sammy that I was sitting for. It stole it from the deck and hid it somewhere.


The Rangers based out of Kenora, gave me two days of muscle power and both Dryden and Sioux Lookout gave me one day. So much accomplished! I could cry! The Kenora crew with an added person on the second day (Thank you, Mike!) painted a dozen or so bird nesting boxes, painted and assembled and erected a new bat box for me, stained my rehab storage shed with not one, but two!, coats of stain, hauled many pails of crushed rock to line my eagle pens, brushed around the pens,brushed out a trail for me, helped me erect an already built pigeon coop, hauled brush and probably more that I have forgotten. The Dryden and Sioux Lookout crew worked together to dig two  burial pits for my little lost ones. Hauled so much crushed rock, hauled debris to my burning pile, stained a much larger shed, and so much more. And  during such high humidity and biting fly populations, my hat is off to them all! Thank you so much to all the crews and crew members, you should all be proud of yourselves! And I should be ashamed cause once again, my camera batteries were dead when the Sioux Lookout and Dryden crews were here so I couldn’t record the effort!

Kenora Crew
painting bird boxes


And the gosling still rules the pond with his dummy mummy….


2 thoughts on “Better days, but wetter days…

  1. Thanks for the latest blog. Always enjoy reading of the happenings at your  rehab place. Great to see the help you are getting and it’s amazing to me how you care so much. My computer is being a pain tonight.

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