The Geese are Gone

I borrowing Bruce’s blog again! This pillaging was so interesting (even though it saddened me) to watch.



The aggressive gander beats off the resident gander. Aggressor goose on the nest.

For several years a pair of geese, not always the same ones, have nested on our pond in front of the house and raised young. The last few years the number of young successfully hatched and fledged has been declining. Last year, the number of goslings hatched was small (three?) and the geese and goslings did not hang around long, like they had in years past. But this year was not good at all; actually, it was by far the worst.

Things started off normal enough. The geese came early, like they usually do, with ice still on the pond. As the ice started to melt, a pair took over the pond and chose a patch of cattails to build their nest. After a few days, a cold snap hit and the pond, which had quite a…

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1 thought on “The Geese are Gone

  1. Very interesting indeed. Maybe the problem is solved and hopefully you will have some younguns after all.

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