Squirrel Squatter

On Easter Monday, the weather was perfect for a walk in our field with my dogs. And since the snow had melted enough that I could walk over to one of my tree swallow nest boxes, I figured it was a good time to clean out the mouse nest that seemed to appear each winter.

So I popped open the door and…

You are not a swallow!

It wasn’t a mouse nest I found within, but a sleepy, cranky flying squirrel.

Close the door, the light hurts my eyes!

I was glad the dogs were occupied elsewhere and didn’t try to reach the little fellow. I apologized for the interruption, pushed back his bedding into the box, and tried to close the door.

Oops, watch my tail!

I was careful not to catch any of his body parts in the door as I closed it, but as I tucked his tail in, he managed a quick nip of my finger…little rascal.

All tucked in and ready to go back to sleep until nightfall.

Northern flying squirrels are very common around here but because they are active at night, many people go their entire lives without seeing one, or at least seeing one close up. I have had people call me to tell me somebody must have lost their chinchilla as they saw one on their bird feeder last night. And there is some similarity with the large eyes and silky fur.

Flying squirrels are one of my favorite little boreal mammals.


2 thoughts on “Squirrel Squatter

  1. what a lucky find! thanks for all you do Lil, and for sharing your vast knowledge of local wildlife with those of us who know a bit, and need to be educated! Could you post something on the dangers of feeding deer the improper foods that so many people are doing, as I heard that a young buck recently died from “bloat”- horrible.

  2. One spring three of my dozen nest boxes housed sleeping flying squirrels and at time they have visited my feeders after dark. One got into our house through an open basement door and gave a demonstration of gymnastics in our living room, before he was encouraged out the front door. Thanks for the post & photos.

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