Blue Jay with conjunctivitis

Last week, I received a call from a gentleman I had previously taken injured birds from. He had come upon a bluejay that was lethargic and appeared blind.

When I picked up the Jay, it was apparent it was in distress. It’s eyes were swollen, red and bulged, and sealed over with a crusty discharge.

Applications of tear gel, topical antibiotic and eyebright soon cleared it’s eyes enough that it could see to eat and drink, but it took until today for the discharge to stop. With its vision apparently improved I moved it to an outside enclosure with both shade and sun. It quickly found a perch where it’s still sensitive eyes were shaded but it’s body could feel the warmth of the sun. Soon it was happily splashing in its bath pan.

When I left it a few minutes ago, it was vocalizing … First sounds it had made since I picked it up. I listened as it did a perfect mimic of a broad tail hawk and was answered by one of my yard Jay’s.

While its not out of the woods yet, hopefully it can be released in time for nesting season.

Jay with conjunctivitis



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