Helping Hands…Ontario Stewardship Rangers

The Kenora Crew
The Kenora Crew
For several years now, I have been fortunate to be visited by the Stewardship Rangers, who offer up their services for a day or two each year. This year, the crew from Sioux Lookout, headed up by Connor Howie, came the distance and despite bad weather, helped me disassemble some old pens, measure out fence wire and even change tires on my cart. The extra muscle was much appreciated, and even though the rain and short visit limited our day, it was fun. Sorry to say, I did not have my camera at the ready. Great work, Connor, Evan, Ryan, Bailey and Katy.

A second crew from Kenora, headed up by Stephanie Coulson, had a better day and were able to clean up and stain the boards on one of the eagle pens. Once the stain dried, I was able to move a recovering eagle from a much smaller assessment pen into his new home that day, also with the help of the rangers. Thanks again Stephanie, Karly, Cyd, Jakob, and Sebastian.

While I have to ensure human contact with the animals I have in care is limited, the crew got to work in proximity of two ‘foster parent’ eagles who ‘kakked’ their encouragement to the workers. I did not have to worry about them getting too close to the skunks who are now ready for release, and more than ready to ‘blast’ anyone who might be brave enough to move in for a closer look.

The most common question asked by the Rangers is “How can I become a Wildlife Custodian?” Rules and regulations have changed so much since I first started, that I have a hard time keeping up with changes, but there is information on the website that can answer this better than I can. But I do warn them, once committed to rehab, one must be willing to give up a goodly portion of their social life and vacationing is often not an option. But it sure would be satisfying to know that there might be someone willing to pick up the reins when I can no longer rehab.


3 thoughts on “Helping Hands…Ontario Stewardship Rangers

  1. I’m so glad you are getting some help, Lil. I so enjoyed the day I spent helping. Wish I could get out there again. It’s a lot of dirty work – that’s the unromantic part no one thinks about – but when there is someone there to help, it becomes less of a chore.
    Keep up the great work!

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