Never say never…



I have made a point of not taking in orphaned raccoons but rules are made to be broken. In those instances where the mom is delibertly destroyed and then the landowner wants me to appease his guilt, I do refuse. Having to deal with helpless kits may make them think twice. Maybe find an alternative to killing the nuisance.

These little ones were inadvertent victims of someone trying to do the right thing by blocking a hole where a raccoon was entering. Five days later, they realized there were babies. They left them out to see if mom would come back but she didn’t and they were fading fast. Had they been eyes closed and younger, I would have humanely euthanized them. The time and energy could be better spent on orphans that could be released wild, not imprinted. But these little ones didn’t need bottle feeding and could be weaned immediately increasing their chances of staying wild.

It is satisfying to see that they stay hidden when I feed and water them, hissing and snarling if I get close.

Coons will stay with mom for a year in normal circumstances, but as long as these five stay as a family group when I release them, they have a reasonable chance of survival. Berry, bugs, frogs and small mammals all promise to be plentiful this year so once I confirm they ate successfully recognizing the wild foods and they have good climbing skills, I will look for a suitable release site close to where they were found.


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