Dummy Mummy back to work! Two unrelated goslings came into care at a tender two or three days old. one was being attacked by gulls at the City waterfront, and the other got separated from its parents and was scooped up when it was unlikely they would rejoin. Goslings will fight any barrier to get free. If they imprint on humans, the results are a gosling that wants to follow you everywhere. NOT A GOOD THING! Fortunately they will calm down and accept the goose decoy as their protector. Predators see the goose as real and won’t usually try to take her on. When they are ready to swim in the pond, I can float Mummy along a good feeding area and go about my work, letting her keep her ‘eye’ on them.When I put them in for the night, I carry the decoy, and they will follow and snuggle in with her and a hot water bottle..

Goslings and decoy
Goslings and decoy


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