Tough year for the Red-tails…

I have to apologize for my lack of posts this summer, major changes and layoffs at work, a new pup, the loss of our beloved 16 year old dog, and some major renovation projects kept me preoccupied and occupied.

There was quite a mixture of patients this year, but mostly birds and raptors. A few squirrels and the young marten were my major mammal undertakings.

The smaller birds were window smacks and cats, while the raptors were hydrolines, motor vehicle collisions, and young blown put of the nests and injured.

Until this fall, as I am now being inundated with starving redtailed hawks. These all seem to be the northern migrants that make it here and have no more steam. So far, I’ve been able to feed them up for a few weeks and release them…if they survive. Some are too far gone, their breast keel like a knife blade they were so thin.

I don’t know why, perhaps their food sources were depleted and they moved here to the land of plenty too late, or perhaps they were fighting the affects of West Nile virus, a mosquito borne illness ( lord knows we had lots of mosquito this year), and were unable to hunt efficiently.

Fortunately, the northern birds seem calmer and more ready to feed in captivity, and don’t bate in the pens like some raptors do.

This handsome male will be release this week coming up and should still have lots of time to make his journey south.IMG_20141019_162941


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