‘Marten’ up, okay???


I just wish human nature wasn’t what it is, and people didn’t think that their actions are necessarily the best ones to take.
Recently, I received a phone call from an old highschool pal regarding some baby animals young people he knew had ‘found’. Seems when they visited their remote cottage, three little martens had left their den in the eaves, likely curious as to their goings on.

Of course, they felt the need to rescue them, not knowing that mom would have been close by.

So, now I will be their mom, while their real mom ‘pines’ away for them.

Marten are mustelids, like weasel, mink, otter,fisher and wolverine and are known for their ferocity. Their main diet is voles, mice, birds, grouse, hares, and even blueberries and raspberries.

Like most mustellids, they cache extra food, as once they get killing, they can’t seem to stop. My chickens bear witness to that fact.

Marten were either extirpated or not present on the Kenora area until the mid-1950’s when marten were released at the Dogtooth Lake crown preserve. I remember when my father caught his first marten on his trapline. Still today, Marten are strictly managed to ensure their numbers stay strong.

Did you know the word Nokia is a Finnish name for marten, and the Croatian monetary kuna is a name for marten? They play an important part in civilization.

But for now, these little ones know nothing of their past, only interested in feeding time, play time and naps. They were about 40 days old when I got them, so they will be with me for a while more.

But I hear them screaming for their supper so I must serve them before they kill and eat each other.


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