‘wood’ I ever like to hear the frogs again…

ImageEvery spring after the ice starts breaking up on the pond, I listen for and record frog calls. The first to brave the fickle spring temperature fluctuations are the wood frogs. They start off with their ‘kkkkrrrr kkkkrrrrr kkkrrrrist its kkkkkkkkoldddd calls. These amazing amphibians can actually freeze solid and when it warms, they thaw and continue with singing and mating as if nothing happened. 

When temperatures are right, there is a mass exodus from the surrounding forest to my beaver pond. When breeding is at its peak the water surface would appear as if there was a heavy rain or hail falling on the water. In our small pond, at any given time there can be several hundred wood frogs floating and croaking, quieting only if a bird flies over or a duck swims by. Within a few days, large gelatinous masses of eggs are apparent. These even survive the hard frost that may occur after the breeding, but are now susceptible to predators. Ravens, bears, ducks, predacious water beetles and leeches all take their fair share, but sheer numbers ensure a high percentage of survival, at least to tadpole stage.

By the time the woodfrogs leave the water, it has warmed enough for the next species up…the spring peepers….and I will welcome them as warmly…



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