a prickly situation…

One of the little critters I have had the pleasure of raising to be released to the wild was a porcupette, or baby porcupine. Priscilla, as I refer to her in my book Pond Memories, may be considered by some to be the ‘dumb’ cousin of the beaver, but I did not find this to be so.
She had such a sense of fun an could find entertainment from an empty flower pot to a dangling vine. And she vocalized her pleasure (and displeasure) with hoots and doots.
I find it so sad and such a waste when I hear of those who kill these little ones on sight in case their dog gets quilled. They prefer this step rather than taking care and control of their dog. Or they kill them for debarking their trees when that too can be prevented.
Porcupines seldom bear more than one young, as twins are rare, and often because populations are so low and spread out, may go years without breeding.
Their main predator, next to man, is the fisher, a mustelid that has learned to flip and kill without getting quilled.
When I am walking in the jack pine forest and smell that unique horsey/eucalyptus scent (a smell that drives my dogs crazy excited) I look up to find my prickly little friend.


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